The police freed the famous Wall Street Bull from the barricades surrounding it on Monday, January 2nd, if only for a brief time.

After three months behind barricades, the famous statue was temporarily set free for a ceremony commemorating the 22nd anniversary of this popular tourist attraction in New York's financial district. During the short time it was free tourists flocked to the statue to have their pictures taken with the iconic statue.

The three-and-a-half ton bronze statue has been off limits to the public since the Occupy Wall Street protests began in September.  Police feared that the statue could be damaged so barricades were placed around it for its protection.

After the ceremony the barricades were quickly put back in place.

NYC Photo News was their as crowds of tourists surrounded the statue.

Plenty of replicas but the real thing has been behind bars
The rear was as popular as the front
Police Officer watches the crowds flock to the bull statue
Crowds of tourist had their photo taken with the unbarricaded bull
Celebrating Italy's gift to Wall Street

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