One of the "excessive" photos taken on Sunday by a NYC Photo News photographer in Bryant Park
One of our photographers reports that he was asked to stop taking photos at the Bryant Park skating rink on Sunday afternoon. He says a security guard had been watching him and remarked he had been taking "an excessive number of photos" of skaters in the Bryant Park ice rink.

When our photographer pointed out that Bryant Park was a public space and it was his constitutional right to take photographs there--as many as he wanted--the security guard said he was only following orders. Our photographer then asked if it would make a difference if he were a member of the press and the guard replied that would make all the difference.  The photographer asked to speak to the guard's supervisor but he/she could not be located.

Since out photographer was trying out a new fisheye lens he had  just purchased and was finished for the day so he did not pursue the matter.

According to the ACLU, "Taking photographs of things that are plainly visible from public spaces is a constitutional right..."  We always thought so but someone needs to inform the Bryant Park Conservancy.

Calls to the Bryant Park Conservancy for comment were not returned.

We would love to hear from photographers with similar experiences.

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