The Hare Krishna parade is the only parade in Manhattan where the police to not close off the streets. The parade takes place on Fifth Avenue with live traffic moving by. That's because the Krishna's went to court and won the right to use 5th Avenue as a parade route after the New York City powers-that-be decided that there would be no more parades allowed.

Watching the tall floats go by
 These kids are staring at one of the large floats being pulled down Fifth Avenue by Krishna followers. The tall constructions on the floats collapse so they can make it under traffic lights and low handing wires.

New York City has the largest population of Krishna followers in the United States and judging from the large number of strollers in the parade there will be a new generation coming soon.

The parade started at 45th Street and wound its way down Fifth Avenue to Washington Square Park, with cross streets blocked and a lane of live traffic streaming by on the right.

When the parade reached Madison Square Park it encountered a barbecue festival in progress and even though it had started to rain, throngs of barbecue lovers lined the street to watch the parade.

Hare Krishna parade coming down Fifth on a rainy Saturday afternoon
In the photo below, barbecue lovers with wearing pig ears watch one of the parade floats pass by. I know the followers of Lord Krishna are vegetarians so it seemed a bit ironic that the parade took this particular route on this particular day.

Barbecue lovers in pig ears watching the Hare Krishna parade

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