The 54 annual Puerto Rican Day Parade moved up Fifth Avenue from 45th to 79th Streets on Sunday, June 12th. This year Parade highlighted the town of Cabo Rojo in their celebration of their 240th year and Patilla celebrating their 200th year as a city. Check out our coverage of the Puerto Rican Day Parade and all other New York City parades at

Living Puerto Rican Flag

Governor Andrew Cuomo marching in the parade

Abuelo on Rollerskates

There was some confusion about our press credentials and, since security was tight, we were forced to photograph the parade from the sidelines. It would not have been such a great inconvenience had it not been for the hundreds of police officers who blocked most our view of the parade.

Great doors but lousy windows.
We were finally forced to turn to our "skycam", a Canon G11 on a monopod with a wired remote. We were able to hold the camera above the crowd and get some interesting shots.

Skycam shot

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